It was the disruption Nobody couldn’t stand. These outsized egos forcing their way above everyone else’s heads, grabbing all the light and air for themselves. They were flaws in the smooth, continuous surface that Nobody loved to run his fingers over, like lumps of gravel embedded in fine china. He desperately wanted to sand them down to the level of their surroundings. It was tricky, though. If you sanded too lightly, you could be working for years before you flattened out the offending protuberance. If you sanded too hard, you could end up popping that sucker right out ofthe porcelain, leaving a ragged hole, which was a different kind of disruption.

Then again, these lumpy ego-things weren’t really rocks. They were biomatter, made of neurons and connective tissue.  That was stuff you could work with, malleable. Nobody just needed to find the right tool to make the offending ego-blobs take the right shape.

It had been hard, taken a long time. But Nobody had finally found the right tools.

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