The elimination of personality was Nobody’s mission. It began with adjectives. Early worm designs simply deleted them, ripping meaning from posts like “my adorable orange cat has turned our bathroom into a toxic nightmare zone”.

My cat has turned our bathroom into a zone.

Nobody felt this was still too distinctive, and began work on ways to destroy most verbs. Only the many forms of “to be” were allowed to live.

My cat was our bathroom is a zone.

Possessive pronouns were the next to go. Declarations of ownership were too much, and had to go.

Cat was bathroom is a zone.

Articles were obviously self-indulgent. They were next on the worm’s menu.

Cat was bathroom is zone.

Nouns became the next stone in Nobody’s shoe. Too many, too much unpredictable variation. Nobody built the next generation of the worm with a voracious appetite for them. They were devoured, leaving only ‘it’ behind.

It was it is it.

After further thought, Nobody realized that tenses were ego-driven distractions. Why that hadn’t been obvious from the beginning, Nobody could not say.

It is it is it.

For a while, Nobody felt satisfied. Then the overbearing obnoxiousness of contrast began to wear thin. The way those crisp and busy lines marred the blank perfection of the backgrounds. It could not be countenanced. But rather than tell the worm to simply erase text, Nobody simply instructed it to leach out the pigment. Only bloodless text remained, leaving space to mark it’s presence, but no weight to mar the page.

It is it is it.

It is it is it.

It is it is it.

It is it is it.

It is it is it.

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