In which I do not get rich on the Internet

flickr image used under Creative Commons license

photo by Jason Tavares., used under a Creative Commons license

A successful blog has a few easily identifiable characteristics. To whit:

1. Regular posts, by which I mean like three or four new ones a day

2. An easily identifiable theme, like cute animals or food

3. Copious links to other people’s websites, often done with the understanding that the other folks will reciprocate

My formula, on the other hand:

1. Posting when I have the time and feel like it

2. Posting on any old random subject that comes to mind

3. You consarn kids and yer dad-blamed “hyperlinks”

I have tried the super-specific blog thing, but honestly it just gets too boring after a while. I’m interested in a really wide variety of topics: art, history, music, science, food, politics, humor – the list goes on and on. Confining myself to doing a blog about cute animals – even a really funny one – would just drive me nuts.

I think my friend Benchilada has it right. He writes about lots of different topics, but he does it all in an unmistakable, unique voice. Granted, he also has to deal with a lot of neurochemical issues that I don’t share, but it does give him something to talk about, and he does it really well.

So yeah, I’m probably not destined for internet superstardom here. But I’ll make you a deal, hypothetical reader: I’ll post something new and interesting every once in a while if you drop by and read this blog from time to time. If nothing else, I’ll try to have a fresh pot of linky goodness ready when you stop in.

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