Food for Fungus

Image by timparkinson, used under a CC license.

I think what I like about fungus is the direct example it provides of new life arising from rot. True, fungus often looks bizarre and even disturbing, but you can’t deny it has a complex (and very often gorgeous) structure. That these new forms are sustained by decaying plant and animal life is to me a hopeful thing.

We’re currently surrounded by signs of rot. Some examples: The economy is nosediving.Our government continues to show signs of succumbing to corruption. The cancerous growth of bigotryis eating whatever goodwill last fall’s elections helped foster.

All true, and all real dangers. But if things really are collapsing, maybe we can take some comfort from our fungal friends. Our world may all be falling apart, but who knows what new and fantastic structures may grow on its carcass?

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