The Car of the Future of the Eighties

As it dawns on people that we are never, ever going back to the era of cheap gasoline, I predict we’ll be seeing more of these early electric cars around. Not quite as curvy as a SmartCar, but you can’t beat it for personality:

Best quote: “Makes you wonder which is the dinosaur, the 27-year-old electric car, or the Hummer.”

(Hat tip to the Springfield Journal-Register)

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5 thoughts on “The Car of the Future of the Eighties

  1. oily rant

    Yeah, I think that really any size vehicle (or at least one roomy enough for those of use who are tall and don’t like to sit like a lady) could be adapted to something that makes more sense than what most of us drive now. Didn’t know that Neil was converting a big ol’ honker of a car though. As Neil says during his cameo in Made In Heaven, and in the song We Never Danced “if you don’t really know where you want to go, it doesn’t matter which road you take.” What would be the fuel-efficent modern version of that lyric? If you dont really know where you want to go, stay home and read by candlelight?

    Someone at work told me that the retailers, gas station owners still aren’t making much more than they were before, and the credit card fees alone eat up some of their profit. Like a lot of their profit, so they might start requiring that we buy our gasoline with cash only. That’ll suck, with folks being so desperate, and then gas stations being places where people have to certainly be carrying large amounts of cash. I don’t drive much, because I live close to both my gigs, but it’s so time consuming to get around any other way that it’s not practical not to. People have been saying dire things about the decline of our way of life for a very long time. I’d like to think this is equally something that most of us will survive just fine, but that’s getting harder to do. Because you can only do so much to cope with everything.

    Oh, so I already knew about the gas retailers not being the ones who make the big profits off the price-per-gallon. But this thing I learned at work, it was more than that. He said that it wasn’t just the oil refiners either, causing the big jump, it had something to do with how it gets traded now, like because of how they can flip the shares really fast and the price can keep going up because of stock bidding stuff. I don’t know the right terms, but basically the ones making the most money off these skyrocketing gas prices are on wall street, not necessarily the refineries. ALthough the oil companies are not short on pin money that’s for sure. Where will it all end? Not sure I even want to know, but somehow (maybe because I can’t cope otherwise) I feel like it’s gonna be okay. Or at least more okay than current trends make it seem right now.


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