So deep

For some the glass is half full. For others, the glass is half empty. For the rest of us, the glass is … what, is this leaking? Where is it all coming from? Is this a dribble glass? Ghaa, now it’s all over my pants.

Also, I had a dream that our local newspaper ran a very nice article about benchilada and his enormous collection of brightly colored yarn. Which he doesn’t have, but it was still a good article.

7 thoughts on “So deep

  1. Wow Cool glass story & ben dream.

    I love it when ya blog, Bobbo y Bobbo!

    Hey if you (or any of Bobbo’s cool friends reading this) get bored,
    or just have a moment to do something interesting today,
    Click here to take my synesthesia survey. It’s quick ‘n’ FUN.

    People have been really enjoying it. Granted, the Polladay LJ community is very friendly and the members tend to like being surveyed, but still 🙂

    • Re: Wow Cool glass story & ben dream.

      Done! Interesting poll. Associating colors with words/sounds is so commonplace for me that I just sort of assume everyone does it.

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