McCain on SNL

I really don’t want John McCain to be our next president.  I think it would be an absolute disaster for us. McCain is committed to continuing our idiotic adventure in Iraq indefinitely. He has admitted he knows little about finance, which is worrisome as we head into an economic downturn. His willingness to pander to people he used to mock (like GW Bush, for example) has also been truly nauseating to watch.

But if he wants to quit being a Senator and join the cast of Saturday Night Live, I’m all for it. His bits on last night’s season finale were much more entertaining than earlier appearances by either Hillary or Obama. He was also pretty good when he hosted the show several years ago.

I have no idea why McCain is good at sketch comedy. Maybe it’s because he has so much experience working with speechwriters. Maybe he really does have a good sense of humor.  Maybe he has no idea what he’s doing, but fakes it well.

It doesn’t really matter why he’s good.  What matters is that he can do the SNL thing far better than the president thing. Lorne Michaels, pay heed. Keep McCain out of the White House! Sign him up for the fall season!

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