Mashin’ up the Meme-riffic Viral Marketing Buzz

First, there was the “yearbook yourself” tool from struggling real estate investment trust Taubman Centers (they own a lot of upscale malls). This didn’t work perfectly for me and gave me this odd image:


(That’s my mouth hovering over the specs, not a unibrow.)

Now, Schick has released an online widget that makes your uploaded picture “3D”, and lets you experiment with some questionable facial hair options. The fact that they call it “Manscaping” is really just a plus.

Now, putting one thing next to another thing in my mind, I decided the output from the first would fit well into the second. The result is… not what I expected.

If you see no image above, check it out here:

Manscape your Yearbook

I don’t know what this reminds me of exactly. Maybe old mouthless Henry cartoon + baby from Eraserhead + Beta Ray Bill + Fu Manchu? Whatever it is, it’s viral gold!

(Thanks to benchilada for the manscape link.)

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