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Schieffer: Go vote now. It’ll make you feel big and strong.


9:28 Coming to an end, finally. Final comments: McCain is a careful steward of our tax dollars, Obama wants to work on America’s problems in a new way.

9:25 Autism is not the same thing as Down’s Syndrome. Check that with Palin, John.

9:23 Somebody’s gotta pay for it. That is the point McCain keeps dodging. That is the point we’ve dodged for the last eight years.

9:21 Charter schools provide competition and throwing money at education won’t solve the problem? Teachers don’t need to be certified? McCain is hitting all the same old notes.

9:19 Pay teachers better? Terrorist.

9:15 Oooh eloquence bad.

9:11 Supreme Court Justices! Obama wants to change the Court, MCain wants to change the entire culture. Which one is more obnoxious?

9:05 Joe the Plumber just called. He wants that scary man on the TV to stop talking to him.

9:04 McCain just made Joe the Plumber rich. He does understand Joe isn’t real, doesn’t he? EDIT: OK, he is real. My mistake.

9:00 Joe the Plumber! Here’s a tax credit! But your current ability to take an exemption for paying for employee health care is out the window. Thanks, McCain!

8:58 Health care wonkery. Look for McCain to call Obama’s plan socialist.

8:56 Obama is just like Herbert Hoover!

8:51 Trade agreements.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Oh, wait McCain just said we have to pay attention to words. Those crafty devils, words.

8:47 37 Nuclear power plants, right away! We can get that done tomorrow!

8:41 Who is more qualified, Biden or Palin? If I were McCain, I’d bring up Joe the Plumber again.

8:39 OK, throw it all in one great big long sentence, John.

8:36 ACORN is destroying America? Please.

8:35 McCain’s non-repudiation repudiation.

8:33 Obama does say that Lewis was over the line.

8:31 Here comes J the P again.

8:26 Would McCain say the things his campaign said about Obama to Obama’s face? No, I guess. How about Obama? He’s not answering the question either, but he pivots nicely to making it about the voters, not the candidates’ hurt feelings..

8:23 As Anne points out, so far McCain hasn’t made any big mistakes. But he does have some scars, apparently.

8:22 Hatchet! Scalpel! Chainsaw! Steamroller!

8:18 Not the overhead projector again!

8:17 Does McCain remember the Great Depression?

8:15 How dare Schieffer ask him to actually answer the question? Hasn’t he watched the other two debates?

8:12 I’m already tired of Joe the Plumber.

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