Election Day, Part 2

I’m watching the returns tonight with some friends from the local Green Party. Two of our Green county board candidates are friends of mine. It’s an upbeat and energetic night. Some press folks are around, doing interviews and taking pictures. We are wired up good and proper, watching television and listening to radio. Laptops and iPhones abound.

Although the national returns are coming fast and furious, our local results are moving slower. One thing I do know is that turnout was very heavy here. I will update when we hear something about the county board races.

Update: Wow. We were all very moved by Obama’s victory tonight. When I think of the difference between our new president and the man he’s replacing… It doesn’t even seem real to me yet. McCain managed a very gracious concession speech as well. Had he kept to that kind of honorable, respectful tone throughout the election, the vote might have been a lot closer.

Locally, neither of my friends won their races. However they both captured 30% of the vote, which is fairly amazing in a year that is seeing big Democratic wins across the board. I hope that this moves our local democrats to pay more attention to their constituencies. You can’t just slap a “D” next to your name and expect to sidestep accountability, people.


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