and "I've got the black lung, papa"

I’ve been sick as a dog this week. Not black lung, but bad enough. Lots of consumption-grade coughing. I always tell people it sounds much worse than it feels, but the truth is it feels pretty rotten. After a whole winter of working with people who kept coming down with all kinds of nasty respiratory infections, I finally met a bug that my immune system couldn’t fight off. I feel like I’m at the tail end of it, though.

I haven’t gotten much done on my design for benchilada‘s new site. He has seen the latest version and liked it, though. There are a few little tweaks I need to finish, but we are getting very close. If we can roll out by the mid-May, I’ll be a happy guy. We still have to find Ben a good reliable webhost, though.

Haven’t gotten too much done on this site this week either. I’ve decided to leave the front page as static html for now. I want to use subdirectories to test out various CMS installations. I have a feeling that if I did the whole site in WordPress, it might not work too well if I tried to install Drupal in the same directory. So for now, the blog, the Drupal test and whatever else I want to play with will all live in their own separate cubbyholes.

I am happy with the port of the stylesheet to WordPress. I’ve got them looking nearly identical. I’m not happy with the text-rendering that IE does in the header, so I will probably use the image file from the home page in the blog. That means I have to do a little jiggery-pokery with the css so the title text doesn’t pop up over the image. Not too hard, but a bit of a pain.

To ease my pain, I’ll go read the latest installment of Freak Angels, the free weekly online comic by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield. I’m enjoying it thoroughly so far. For a post-apocalyptic fantasy featuring telepathic mutants (or whatever they are), it’s actually quite charming.

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