Why does the Illinois Chamber of Commerce hate Illinoisans?

From the Illinois Chamber of Commerce (an organization, by the way, that gets funding from many out-of-state and even out-of-country corporations to fund its nefarious activities, just in case you thought it represented the interests of Illinois businesses):

Governor Blagojevich is preparing a last ditch effort to save his ill-conceived plan for universal health care.  Our allies in the Senate tell us that a “scaled-down” version is being voted on tomorrow, Wednesday, August 8.  Only the Governor could call this latest plan “scaled-down.”  It contains a $1.1 billion payroll tax on employers and puts government in control of health care for hundreds of thousands of additional individuals and employers.

 To stop the Governor’s health care plan, the business community must make itself heard in the Illinois Senate.  The plan failed an earlier vote, but by just one vote!  Only 30 votes are needed for it to pass in the Senate.  The Governor and Senate President are putting on a full court  press to secure the final vote needed for passage.

 There is no time to waste.  Please follow this link to the Illinois Chamber’s Grassroots Action Center to deliver a message of opposition directly to your Senator and stop the Governor’s billion dollar payroll tax.

Or, you could call your legislators and tell them to support the health care plan.  Calling 1-888-801-4426 will connect you with the Capitol switchboard.  If you’re in Illinois and you’re not sure who your legislators are, follow this link to find out.

Go do it now.  You’ll feel better for it.

2 thoughts on “Why does the Illinois Chamber of Commerce hate Illinoisans?

  1. The Illinois Senate has adjourned for the day without calling the health care bill for a vote. That means you still have time to call your Senator and say, “vote for the freakin’ health care bill!”

    Or words to that effect.

    (That’s SB5, btw.)

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