The Zero Earth Hour

Random web surfing this morning triggered early childhood memories of this very old anime that I used to watch on Channel 44.  I didn’t remember the name of the show or any of the characters except the evil Warlock of Mars. Fortunately someone has posted an episode on YouTube in all its poorly-animated black and white glory.

Sit back  and enjoy the spectacle as Prince Planet battles Warlock and General Crustacean.

By the way, James Nicholson? Jack Nicholson’s dad. Just thought you needed to know that.

5 thoughts on “The Zero Earth Hour

  1. Weird

    I have never seen anime that was that old before.

    What was that cartoon that was sort of an eerie outer space adventure but the episodes were only about five or ten minutes long? IT started out with a rocket taking off and ominous narration that was supposed to make it exciting. And to a very young betty it was indeed exciting.

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