Some Velvet Morning

RIP, Lee Hazelwood

Some Velvet Morning:

I Am You Are:

Rainbow Woman:

Lee Hazelwood wrote all these really weird songs that give me flashbacks to my very early childhood.  They’re awful, but kind of compellingly awful. 

5 thoughts on “Some Velvet Morning

  1. weird with a beard

    I should try to find out if he wrote anything that Cass Elliot recorded after she went solo. Some of her stuff from then has a similar weirdness, like it is different from ordinary pop ballads, but not clearly a direct fusion with jazz, or folk, or blues, or rock, or country, just…weirder than other songs of the time.

    I don’t remember any of his stuff other than Nancy’s bootly song, so here’s my fave version of that song You have to click here and then find it on their myspace player becuase youtube no longer has it available!

  2. Please Sir, Vay

    I dont know if you alretty saw it or not, but my friends had an 80s party last weekend, and in posting relevant clips in my LJ, (since they volunteered without any prompting from me, that they “tried to find Heart” vinyl), I also had a nice bp memory and put yet another tribute to bobbo in there. It’s behind the survey clip in
    this entry!

    Also I know you are busy and all but if you get bored and want to fill out a silly survey it would really help with our ongroan research here at the institute, since evidently my non-LJ pals can’t take the survey. (or claim they can’t) If not, thats cool too of course 🙂

    Bobspeed, everyone!

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