I am a media event

Our friends Mark and Anna have created a video meditation on consumerism, Minneapolis and submarines, not necessarily in that order.

Anyway,  Anne and I are in it.  Imagine that!

2 thoughts on “I am a media event

  1. that’s what it was about?

    consumerism?! Do what with the what-what? Okay, that’s cool. I thought the whole film was just a framing device to present an homage to how cool you and Aunt Barbara are…

    • Re: that’s what it was about?

      Well, yeah, that’s what it’s really about. The consumerism thing was just a cover story.

      Actually, when we were shooting this we thought it was about the menace of suburban submarine attacks. I guess it’s been tweaked a bit since then. You know, little things like the beginning. And the ending. And the whole elevator thing. And I have no idea who the guy with the curly hair is.

      Other than that, totally true to the original vision.

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