GRT – The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse

Those of us who pay too much attention to media messaging spend a lot of time looking at YouTube these days. Political candidates and advocacy groups all gotta have a video up on the web now. I’ve even read serious discussion of John Edwards as a come-from-behind primary winner because of the strength of his ‘Tubes.

‘Tubes? Does anybody say that? I think I just made up a new internet word.

Anyway, the organization I work for has me tracking the well-funded campaign against Gov. Blagojevich’s gross receipts tax (GRT). Part of that campaign is a media buy in downstate Illinois featuring the following subtly-nuanced clip:

This is their big idea, repeated over and over again until it sounds true: “The GRT is going to force businesses to leave Illinois, leaving all the poor people (who we care about so much) without the crappy low-wage jobs we give them.”

So what do low-wage employees do when they get sick? Does their crappy low-wage paying employer give them health coverage? No? maybe if they did, we wouldn’t be talking about taxing them to fund a state health plan.

One thought on “GRT – The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse

  1. ‘tubes

    Even not knowing about the current Illinois governor, or the GRT issue (until you mentioned it), the clip looks like propaganda to me. Vague and Ominous. The very people who can afford to fund healthcare are the ones who are against it? They’ll be saying the gigantic corporations can’t possibly provide health coverage because that would hurt small business! It’s great logic. We have to bomb your city because our informants tell us you are in danger under your own government.

    Recently a little coworker actually asked me if we should “wait until there’s no sick people” before we use city money to plant trees on an isthmus boulevard. I was like, well, no, but wait until there’s some provision for everyone’s healthcare needs, and until then use private grant money and community volunteer effort for beautification of ugly thoroughfares. She looked at me like I was crazy, which is probably warranted, so of course I immediately thought of our mission to mars. I took that opportunity to talk about what we could do on a global scale with just a teensy fraction of the nasa and military budgets. In terms of healthcare and just about everything else. Crazy like a pox.

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