Antsy on the webtubers

I can’t seem to settle down on the web.  Many people I know have found a stable internet home, either here on LJ or on Multiply, MySpace, Flickr, etc.  I’ve had accounts on all of those sites plus several others, but  none of them really feels like ‘home base’ to me.
I always want to go elsewhere, see what other people are doing on other random sites, then move on.

This is very much in opposition to what I’m like in real life, by the way.  I’ve lived in the same part of the state my whole life and don’t see myself ever leaving.  I tend to stick with people I’ve known for years rather than go out and meet new ones. Hey, sometimes it’s even hard to get me to move to another room in the house. I like where I’m at, so why look elsewhere?

Get me in front of a web browser, though, and I’m all over the place. A user account in every port, none of which see me very often. Drop in just long enough for a quick hello, then go off to the next whiskey bar.

I was reminded of this the other day when

invited me to be a contact on LinkedIn.  I was confused at first, until I remembered creating an account there months ago. I haven’t been back since.  Turns out a handful of other people I know are there as well. So I added them as contacts, fleshed out my profile a little, and will now promptly forget about it unless someone contacts me.  So much Internet to see, so little time.

One of these days, some bright spark will develop an online community aggregator that consolidates all my accounts into one GUI and allows me to post to all of them at once.  That would  be great for people like me who flit around too much to establish a strong presence in any one place (if I just gave you a million-dollar idea, I want a cut). 

Even so, I’ll probably keep bouncing from one place to the next. I was born to ramble. But only on the Internet.

3 thoughts on “Antsy on the webtubers

  1. Hi Johnny Bobylon

    Never even heard of Linkedin. Probably other people I know besides you are on there too, but I am resistant to new social websites because it’s another thing to regularly visit and either link back to LJ (my “real” blog) or something else to check where most people won’t want to read regularly or something. I say that and then I know that it’s inevitable that I will end up creating a linkedin account. A few people have found me or met me anew on LJ, but reuniting with old friends seems to be more common on MySpace, for me anyway. I don’t blog there so much as just network-for-no-particular-reason. I love your idea of being able to post to or view all blogs at once! Somehow that seems less Orwellian than only having to keep track of one because there is only one option for blogging/networking.

    • Re: Hi Johnny Bobylon

      Hi pipetty!

      LinkedIn is very much geared towards business/job seeking. Not as chill as LJ by a long shot, but you never know when you might need to find a new gig. Whether LinkedIn is useful or not remains to be seen.

  2. The “one ring” idea is great, only ownership of that ring always seems to slip to the lowest common denominator. Same reason the “Neural Imaging Computer Implant” seems like a good idea but isn’t, someone will have to hook wifi to it someone else will argue that the gov’t has to have access to deter “terrorists”… and it all goes to hell.

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