I love the taste of Cadmium in the morning

There are new entries up on my blog today. I have a short piece about pictures of Iraqis driving their dead relatives home from the hospital, and a longer one about Bush’s press conference in Chicago last week.

Have a look.  Let me know if you find it interesting.

Iraqi hospital parking lot

2 thoughts on “I love the taste of Cadmium in the morning

  1. The photos on the Chicago framing were very interesting. You keep hearing about how good this President’s team is supposed to be on stagecraft, but it’s
    a different thing to see exactly how.


    • Exactly right. I’ve read a number of descriptions of the staging of famous Bush photo-ops (the flight suit, the statue of liberty, Mt. Rushmore, etc.). The written accounts are really interesting, but having visuals to illustrate the behind-the-scenes engineering really brings it home. Hopefully, I’ll be able to present more of this kind of material as I keep digging through the public record.

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